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Elevate your online presence with our all-inclusive SEO toolkit. From harnessing the power of AI for article and website creation to building a local online presence and tracking your Google Map keyword rankings, we’ve got you covered. Monitor your keyword performance, discover new opportunities, and adapt to search engine algorithm changes with our suite of tools. Visualize keyword relationships within your niche for strategic content planning, all in one place. Turbocharge your website’s SEO strategy with us and stay ahead of the digital competition.


The ultimate content creation solution—AI Article Writer! Effortlessly generate engaging, SEO-optimized articles, and boost your website’s ranking with high-quality, keyword-rich content. Read More..


Boost your content creation with our powerful AI Bulk Writer that generates high-quality, SEO-optimized content in seconds, saving you time and improving your online visibility. Read More..


Content creation has never been this easy! Use our Magic SEO Writer to generate optimized content effortlessly, boosting your online visibility and attracting both readers and search engines! Read More..


Experience effortless website creation with our AI Website Builder. Craft stunning, SEO-optimized sites in minutes. Dominate the digital world now! No coding required! Read More..


Reach local customers, skyrocket your business rankings, and dominate your local SEO! Boost your online presence today with our Local Website Builder. Create a stunning, SEO-optimized website without any coding! Read More..


Harness the capabilities of our Magic SEO Writer to enhance your online visibility. Generate websites with strategically incorporated internal links and stacked articles to elevate your online presence!


With Site Explorer, you can analyze your competitors’ performance through ranked keywords, traffic analysis, backlinks, and referring domain history. Gain valuable insights, optimize effortlessly, and elevate your online presence to outshine the competition! Read More..


Use our intelligent Keyword Explorer to unlock limitless SEO potential. Discover high-impact keywords, analyze competition, and elevate your online presence. Optimize effortlessly and rank higher today! Read More..


Get exhaustive SEO insight with AI-powered SERP Volatility. Track real-time search engine ranking fluctuations, enhance your optimization strategy, and stay ahead of the competition.  Read More..


Unlock the potential of your website with Entity Explorer! Discover hidden SEO opportunities by revealing key entities to boost search rankings and drive organic traffic. Read More..


Use our powerful artificial intelligence for upgrading your content strategy! Our Topical Map generates data-driven content plans, optimizes keywords, and enhances SEO performance. Read More..


Monitor keyword rankings, track competitors, and optimize your content for top search engine rankings using our advanced machine learning. Try Rank Tracker today! Read More..


Google Map Tracker elevates your local SEO effortlessly! Monitor your location’s visibility, track competitors, and optimize your listing for improved local search rankings. Drive more customers your way! Read More..


Our AI Backlink Checker revolutionizes the way you do SEO! Uncover valuable link opportunities, analyze your competition, and boost your rankings organically in just a few clicks! Read More..

Elite AI & SEO Tools with an Intuitive and Streamlined Interface

zizta boasts a streamlined and user-friendly interface, designed with your convenience in mind. Navigating through different tools is a breeze, ensuring that you can effortlessly access the information and services you need.We’ve prioritized user-friendliness to ensure you can optimize your SEO strategies with ease, regardless of your level of expertise. Simplify your SEO endeavors and elevate your online presence with our suite of tools.

What zizta Users are Saying...

John Smith
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"Wow! This SEO toolkit has completely transformed the way I manage my online presence. The AI Article Writer and AI Website Writer have taken the stress out of content creation. I can now produce high-quality, SEO-optimized articles and website copy effortlessly. The Local Website Builder helped me establish a strong local presence, and the Google Map Keyword Tracker ensures that I'm always at the top of local search results. The Keyword Tracker and Explorer provide valuable insights into my keyword rankings and opportunities for growth. I can't forget the SERP Volatility tool, which keeps me informed about search engine changes. Finally, the Topical Map has helped me craft a comprehensive content strategy that's boosting my website's performance. Highly recommended for anyone serious about SEO!"
Mike Deo
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"I've been using this suite of SEO tools for a while now, and the results have been nothing short of amazing. The AI Article Writer and AI Website Writer have been a real lifesaver for someone like me who struggles with content creation. The Local Website Builder made it easy to establish a strong local online presence, and the Google Map Keyword Tracker ensures my business is always found by local customers. The Keyword Tracker and Explorer are indispensable for tracking keyword performance and finding new opportunities. Plus, the SERP Volatility tool keeps me ahead of algorithm changes, and the Topical Map has become my secret weapon for crafting targeted and effective content. I can't recommend these tools enough!"
Jeff Rayden
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"I can't say enough about the SEO tools offered on this platform. Whether you're a seasoned SEO pro or just starting, these tools are a game-changer. The AI Article Writer and Website Writer have saved me countless hours while delivering top-notch content. The Local Website Builder simplified the daunting task of creating a local business website, and the Google Map Keyword Tracker has helped me dominate local search results. The Keyword Tracker and Explorer are essential for tracking and discovering new keyword opportunities. Plus, the SERP Volatility tool keeps me updated on algorithm changes, and the Topical Map's insights have significantly improved my content strategy. This toolkit is a must-have for anyone serious about SEO success!"

Unlock $3377 Worth of Tools for Just $97/Month

Explore the landscape of possibilities as we break down key features and pricing across various tools in the industry. Our comprehensive comparison table provides a clear snapshot of what each competitor offers, helping you make informed choices for your specific needs. Take the next step towards optimizing your workflow and maximizing value – dive into the details below.


Competitor Price

Ai Content Creator



Magic SEO Article(with SERP Entity Analysis)​



AI Website Builder (Static & WordPress)


Local & Leads Website Builder (Static & WordPress)


Magic SEO Website Builder (Static & WordPress)


Keyword Explorer & Research



Keyword Monitoring



GBP Google Maps Tracking

Local Falcon


Backlinks Checker

MOZ/Ahrefs/Semrush /Majestic


Site Explorer



Topical Map Generation


Entity Explorer & Schema generator


SERPs Volatility Analyzer



Total Worth of the Tools


Frequently Asked Questions

We have a support system that offers 24/7 support. Contact us through our support page.

Yes, you can and while maintaining your existing credits.

Depending on your subscription plan, you get a fixed number of credits and you can use them across all of Zizta’s tools.

Credits don’t expire monthly, they rollover for 1 Year while having a running subscription plan.

Yes, We have few bundles of credits packages to choose from.

No, Our pricing includes the cost of openAi which makes it reliable and easy to use.

We use a mixture of engines to get the best required quality.

Yes, we support a wide range of clouds such as Amazon S3, Cloudflare pages, Cloudflare R2, Microsoft Azure, FTP, SFTP, Wasabi and more.

No, You need to have your own cloud accounts to connect Zizta to.

No, Your sites will not be deleted but you will not be able to update them and reupload to clouds after canceling your subscription.

Yes, you can push content to wordpress or use Zizta’s wordpress plugin to pull content from your Zizta’s account. Zizta’s wordpress plugin has many options such as contextual internal linking and having pages and posts status as published or draft.

Yes, from our and other users’ tests, websites can get indexed by google in less than a day or so.

Yes, You can check out our youtube channel “Zizta” or you will find a “Tutorials” button in Zizta’s dashboard.